What Is a Fashion Flat Sketch? All You Need to Know!


Fashion flat sketches, sometimes called fashion drawings, flat sketches, technical drawings, or simply fashion flats, are a fantastic way of helping you to create a clear impression of your design ideas. No matter whether you are a designer working within the fashion industry, a fashion student or a passionate newcomer, fashion sketches are a great addition to your sketchbook or portfolio.

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What are fashion technical drawings?

Fashion technical drawings, or fashion flat sketches, are a fundamental part of the design process and showcase clothing in a two-dimensional image. The image allows viewers to clearly see the front and back of the garment, highlighting all of the detailing. Some fashion technical drawings can even show side-on views and how the garment should be constructed.

These flat sketches illustrate the entire garment through basic solid lines, acting as a blueprint of the design for sewing teams. They are essential in ensuring patternmakers can clearly understand your vision and how the garment will fit the body, giving them all the technical information of the components.

While once drawn by hand, advancements in technology mean that fashion flat sketches can now be created more clearly using programs such as Adobe Illustrator, which is most often used in the fashion industry. These clear blueprints are crucial for any individual or fashion brand looking to produce high-quality clothing. They are also a fantastic way to help you to develop detailed templates that can be used later in tech packs.

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What’s the difference between flats and illustrations?

A fashion technical drawing is a blueprint that everyone will work from. It is crucial that they clearly outline how the garment will look and how it will fit the body. On the other hand, a fashion illustration helps to capture the colours and mood of the design, giving an interpretation of how it will look.

Why are fashion flat sketches so important?

No piece of clothing can be created unless the entire team creating it understand its shape, fit, details and size. Working in conjunction with your tech pack, fashion technical sketches act as the master design. This means that should any questions or queries arise during the development of the garment; the team can simply refer back to the sketch to understand what is required.

Do technical sketches need to be accurate?

As these drawings are going to be the blueprint of the entire garment, it is crucial that they are completely accurate. Unclear guidance, missing elements, or a simple lack of updates could result in a very costly mistake, so accuracy is vital.

Quite often, when working in larger teams, not everyone will be working in the same location, so communication can be challenging. That is why should there be any updates, these sketches need to be updated accurately to ensure everyone understands what is required.

Are you looking for fashion sketches templates?

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